How to Rent Formula 400 Super Sport

Training your eyes on the profile of the Formula 400 Super Sport is more fun than watching a movie starring Uma Thurman. This boat is a virtual feast for the eyes. Study her recessed anchor stowage compartment in the stem framed in polished stainless steel. Note that her forward sweeping aluminum radar arch folds upward as well. Hullside vents follow the sheer form. Her automotive influenced signature hull graphics suggest speed and plenty of it. Rent yacht here, good place for search boat your dream.

Her beauty is anything but a tease. Top speed with a pair of 502 cid Volvo 8.2 Gsi DPs sterndrives was 48.1 knots in the ocean off Bimini, Bahamas. Handling is tight and brisk with just two-and-a-half turns lock-to-lock. A Captain’s Call exhaust system keeps the roar muffled to a modest 87 dBA at full tilt. At 40 knots the flags snapping overhead make more noise than the engines. The double-stepped Fas3Tech hull runs on five points for stability and lifts on plane like bread rising in the oven, seamlessly making the transition from rest to flank speed in a whoosh.

The 400 Super Sport, however, is about more than just performance. Designer John Adams perceived his mission to create an American boat with a Euro influence, but without the quirks foreign boats typically breed. Thus, in lieu of a stern sunpad, which often makes side boarding difficult, he opted for side boarding from port and starboard, as well as through the transom door. The coamings, foredeck and swim platform are molded with grippy nonslip that follows the curves not only of each section, but a wet human foot as well.

While symmetry rules throughout the boat, it is most noticeable in the cockpit, where the inward opening acrylic transom door to port mirrors a false door to starboard. The door is noteworthy on several counts. The hinge is recessed and a gas cylinder mounted below it in the bilge provides the tension to keep the door open or closed. When the door is opened, it swings back to match the shape of the molded boarding step. Here, as throughout the boat, fit and finish is excellent. To starboard, electrical plugs and water inlets insert below the false transom door away from feet and the boarding area. A stowage trunk in the transom lifts effortlessly thanks to twin gas cylinders and thick rubber gaskets mean a watertight seal. A pair of cockpit tables stow in the trunk.